abactor (plural abactors)

  1. (law; obsolete) One who steals and drives away cattle or beasts by herds or droves; a cattle rustler.

7 letters in word "abactor": A A B C O R T.

Anagrams of abactor:

Words found within abactor:

aa ab aba abac abator abo abort act acta actor aorta ar arb arba arc arco aroba art at atar atoc ba baa bar barca bat bo boa boar boart boat bor bora bort bot bota bra bract brat bro cab caba car carat carb carbo carob cart carta cat coarb coat cob cobra cor cot crab oar oat ob oba oca octa or ora orb orc orca ort rabat rabato raca rat rata rato rob roc rot rota ta tab tabor taco tao tar tara taro taroc to toc tor tora torc

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